Feast of the Pyromancer-Free Splatter Elf Serial Coming in April 2019

Feast of the Pyromancer was originally supposed to be my second Splatter Elf story that I released on Amazon. However, things changed and I’ve had the cover art that I commissioned from my friend Josh for several years now. Instead of releasing this story on Amazon, I will be writing it and posting it exclusively here on Negative HP for people to read for FREE! Originally, this was supposed to be a Bathbrady story (the main character of The Bog Wyvern), but I’d like to do something a little…weird. I’m going to let members of the Negative HP community and authors that I interview for the podcast, give me some sort of prompts or ideas and then I’m just going to run with them here. This could be a complete pile of donkey doo or it could be really fun. Or a mixture of both. Fun donkey doo.

I’ll have several ways people can contribute, but the first step is to craft a main character. I’m going to do it D&D style because, hell, why not? Working off these stats, we can slowly reveal this unique character to the Splatter Elf universe.







Grim Gozzoth will roll these stats in a live video that will appear on the Negative HP Facebook page. If you would like to participate, join the group so you can experience this interactive serial that will shake the foundations of Groteskia, the world of Splatter Elf!

Join the Facebook group here and follow #feastofthepyromancer wherever it appears!