Final Fantasy RPG Explosion Week 1

For March I decided to play a different Final Fantasy game for each day of the week to celebrate 30 years of awesomness. To say Final Fantasy was a big part of my childhood is like saying sloths like hanging out in trees. I played the games from a young age up until now and I never get tired of some of them. This first week made me realize why I enjoyed the earlier games in the series so much and the difference graphics can make on a gaming experience.

Before the official challenge, I did a little playing on Final Fantasy 1 and 2.

Final Fantasy 1

I had earlier in the week gotten past the initial parts of the game so I could have a save point to jump right into. I went with a Monk, a Thief, a Red Mage, and a Black Mage. This is the first time I’ve tried this variation, so I was looking for a bit more challenge since I’ve heard Red Mages are pretty much useless later in the game and Monks and Thieves are hard going in the early part. Without the standard Fighter to bash the shit out of everything, I worried that I might not be able to deal. So far I’ve just been beating up goblins. No real challenge so far. I figure once I go after Garlard then I’ll see where my party stands. No deaths yet!

Final Fantasy 2

The game that tends to be a least favorite on many people’s lists, I have to agree with this. The fact that I’m playing the Playstation One version of it makes things even more difficult to manage. I had the PSP version years ago. No telling where it is now. I can’t say this game really does anything for me other than the before its time Elder Scrolls style leveling. Basically, if you use a sword, you get better at using a sword. Some people hated this style, but I think it’s one of the few strengths of the game. None of the characters are particularly memorable in this game to me and I didn’t get far enough this week to really say I’ve made an effort.

Wednesday, March 1st-Final Fantasy 3

The official beginning of the March challenge, this game is one of the few Final Fantasy games I never beat. I played it for DS and got brutalized by the final boss so many times I just said eff this ess. Now playing the PSP version on Vita I don’t notice much difference. I accidently killed myself by using the Auto Battle function once and then got slaughtered by a mummy and a skeleton after wandering into the Mithril Caves. Whoops. Luneth and Arc are the typical JRPG friends. One is the tough guy, the other is a wimp that will probably become badass later on. Note: The only cool Arc is Arc the Lad.

Thursday, March 2nd-Final Fantasy 4

Usually in my Top 3 Final Fantasy games of all time, I dearly love this game not only because of nostaglia, but just because the cast is fantastic. I played past Mist in which Cecil and Kain unknowingly murder a whole village and then say “Sorry.” Rydia is nice to Cecil too early considering he, um, murdered her mother (“Did I say sorry?”) and then I prepre to head off to cure Rosa from some disease only an ant/lion hybrid’s spit can cure. Or something.

Friday, March 3rd-Final Fantasy 5

A sleeper in the series, I think 5 should get more credit than it does. The characters are decent albeit stereotypical (the old man is always tired, the pirate woman talks like an asshat), but the job system is cool addition to the series. Right now I’m going with Bartz as a Black Mage, which is rare considering most people default him to the fighter position. I’m going with Faris as Blue Mage since people recommend having a Blue Mage. I haven’t figured out the point of it yet. Reina is my main Warrior, although I’ll probably bounce her around to white magic now and again to get her some paladin-level epicness. Then Galuf is my White Mage since he has beard. I dunno. Right now I just finished up the Wind Shrine, went through the canal, and working my way through the ship graveyard. Fun!

Saturday, March 4th-Final Fantasy 6

My favorite Final Fantasy of all time, I always love to play through this one. I’ve beat it a few times and I seem to always go with a very similar party to make my main one. So far I’ve just been using Terra and Locke, but I’m on my way to Figaro after being assisted by Moogles to escape Narshe’s asshole guards. I may try to use characters I’m not as fond of as my main party later in the game. Setzer, Relm, Gogo, Thiago, and such.

Sunday, March 5th-Final Fantasy Tactics

I played this game a little today, but I haven’t gotten very far only completing the initial prologue mission and rescuing Argath from the Corpse Brigade (awesome name). I forgot that this game uses some archaic English in order to sound Medieval, but it’s a welcome change. The game takes itself more seriously than others in the series I think, but it’s gameplay is excellent for anyone that likes tactical games. I usually go with Ramza as a heavy-hitting Knight or Ninja, but I may go the magic-user route with him this time.

That’s it for the first week. Which of these Final Fantasy games do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!