Final Fantasy RPG Explosion Week 2

I made it through my second week of a different Final Fantasy game a day and I’m slowly realizing why I didn’t replay certain games in the series. I’m looking forward to playing some games over others and I’m having to grind a lot more in some as well. Let’s see how Week 2 panned out, shall we?

Final Fantasy 1

The one I typically look forward to the most is the original in the series. Why? Not sure. Maybe it’s nostaglia or anticipation of how my party will turn out once I get them leveled up. I tend to rush through the game every time I played it in the past, but I’m doing a bit more grinding than normal. My Red Mage, Jack of Alltrades, has taken the lead in the group for now. He’s reliable in several different situations, but doesn’t really excel at anything. Works for me! Akira, my Monk, is slowly building up his hand-to-hand strength and Kenji, my Thief, tends to be hit or miss. Pretty much the only reason anyone gets a Thief is to have a Ninja later on, so I’m holding out hope I made a good decision. And Tako is Tako. Low level Black Mages are pretty shit, but he packs a punch when the need arises. I’m killing ogres right now, trying to get coin for some upgrades before hunting down Astos the Dark Elf!

Final Fantasy 2

I think I played this one for about 30 minutes this week. Again, probably my least favorite in the series. It also has a “figure it out” dynamic that some of the other games don’t seem to have. That means no one seems to really tell you where to go. So I wandered around and got killed by a sorceror or some shit. Great. Try again next week.

Final Fantasy 3

This is another one that has a bit of a steep learning curve for people more familar with later games in the series. I actually had to look up a walkthrough for the first time this week in order to figure out where the hell I was supposed to go. At the end of my play session, I kind of figured it out, but still wandered around lost for most of the time.

Final Fantasy 4

I’ve been chugging along on this one. It’s much easier compared to the first three in the series and the characters are some of the best. Right now I just met Golbez the bastard asshat the first time and he zapped everyone in my party. Then he stole Rosa. Kain, sometimes friend, sometimes shithead, also Jumped on Cecil and splattered him everywhere. Good times. Now with encouragement from Rydia, I’m off to find Rosa!

Final Fantasy 5

I’m enjoying this one a lot more than I have in the past and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s dabbling with the different jobs in new ways that makes the game not get too repetative. Right now I have Bartz as a Sorceror, which allows him to cast magic on his sword and kill folks. I’ve changed Reina over from my main bruiser to a Time Mage, so hopefully she can get some good spells before I move her back to my main fighter. After having Galuf as a Monk for a long time, his punching ability is solid and now I have him as a Red Mage to balance him out more. Faris is my Blue Mage, but I’m still not sure the benefit of this job yet other than getting one lame ass dog bite attack. I’ll hold out hope that it’s going to be more beneficial in the long run. Storywise, I think I’m about to find out more about Galuf’s identity as I try to save the Fire Crystal. Woo hoo!

Final Fantasy 6

I didn’t get to play much this week on my favorite game in the series, but that’s fine. The game moves so smoothly that it never feels like I’m lost or don’t know what I’m doing. It gets grindy later on when trying to get Esper abilities, but for now I’m just enjoying the story. Terra is on her way with Edgar and Locke to South Figaro where we will eventually meet up with Banon, the leader of the Returners. Good times!

Final Fantasy Tactics

I was busy on Sunday, so I only got to watch some brief cutscene explaining something about Melee and Rendezvous. Didn’t get to play this one otherwise, but it’s still a great game that I’m looking forward to going through more later.

That’s all for Week 2! Look out for more updates next week and share any comments you have about the above games. Favorite characters or moments? Thanks!