Fantasy Writer Research #1: Kenny Soward and Michael R. Fletcher

Sometimes you need to just research things. Wikipedia is the fast and easy source, but social media is becoming a good place to find out about your favorite authors. For this week I’m part of a collective effort to get the word out about some 99 cent fantasy reads you can consume. I’ll tackle two writers a day and share some info about them so you can learn about who you’re reading. Hey, what a novel idea, right?

This first entry will look at gnome-lover Kenny Soward and the grimmest dude this side of Grimville, Michael R. Fletcher.

Kenny Soward


  • The first book in his Gnome Saga series is 99 cents! Pick up Rough Magick now!
  • He loves Bob Ross.
  • He was on The Grim Tidings Podcast as part of our AUTHOR THUNDERDOME with Seth Skorkowsky.
  • He writes urban fantasy as well such as Galefire I: Fade Rippers.
  • He writes books full of gnomes and still manages for all of them to be unique characters.
  • He likes cats. Maybe more than Bob Ross. I’m not sure.

Michael R. Fletcher


  • Fire and Flesh, a short story in Fletcher’s world of Manifest Delusions is 99 cents as well. Of course Manifest Delusions started with the awesomely dark Beyond Redemption and was recently continued with Stabby award-winner The Mirror’s Truth.
  • He’s been on The Grim Tidings Podcast a shitload of times (and will be on there again soon). I think he holds the record for most appearances.
  • He loves whiskey drinks.
  • He often listens to the lamentations of his enemies.
  • He rocks out on the heavy metal guitar.
  • He’s GDAF.

So that’s two of the authors featured this week with me in the Ten Fantasy Reads for Under a Dollar. Stay tuned for another post in the near future on more of these authors.