99 Cent Splatter Sandwich January

When making the plunge into self-publishing a couple of years ago, I had to make several decisions. One of the easiest decisions was making my stories 99 cents. That seems to be the industry standard for selling shorts and Splatter Elf has flowed out of me best in the short form. I’ve tried various ways to promote my stories, but this is the first time I’m doing a 99 Cent Splatter Sandwich. Does it make sense? Shit if I know, but why not try something different?

I was approached by cool writer Peter Fugazzotto (who we interviewed on The Grim Tidings Podcast a while back) to be part in Ten Fantasy Reads for Under a Dollar back in December and I thought, “Hell, that sounds like a good idea.” When I saw the names listed with me later on I was like “Oh shit! That’s some nice company!”

I admittedly don’t know jack donkey turds about the publishing industry, but I’ve sat under the learning tree with some smart f-ing people by being part of The Grim Tidings Podcast. One thing that seems to stand out is that promotion should be a reminder of a sale, not spammy, and as creative as humanly possible. Therefore, I’ve decided that I’m going to do the following:

  1. Keep my first story “The Unicorn-Eater” at 99 cents. Think of it as a toll to enter the Splatter Elf gates of slimy hell.
  2. The second story “River of Blades” will be free from January 17th-January 20th.
  3. Ditto for the third story (novelette) “The Bog Wyvern.”
  4. And the regular priced 2.99 novella One Goblin Army will be available via Kindle Countdown from January 18th-January 22nd for 99 cents. (A little sloppy overlap.)
  5. Hence, the 99 Cent Splatter Sandwich. 99 Cents, Free AF, Free AF, and 99 Cents.
  6. Yum yum.

In addition to doing this weird ass sale, I’m going to research the other nine writers included in this Ten Fantasy Reads for Under a Dollar dealio and share what I’ve learned about the writers here on my new-fangled website. Some I’m very familiar with (looking at you, Fletch) while others I’m interested to learn more about.

Here’s the Ten (including my goofy ass!)

  • Scott Oden
  • Michael R. Fletcher
  • Peter Fugazzotto
  • Django Wexler
  • Kenny Soward
  • T. Frohock
  • J. Ray and S. Cushaway
  • Philip Overby (me!)
  • Charles Allen Gramlich
  • Brian Barr

So look out for me this week, January 16th-22nd slinging some Splatter Elf action your way!splatter-elf-2016