Philip Overby’s Bad Fantasy Art #4 (Noma Galway)

Here’s my fourth entry in my “art” (I put it in quotations for a reason) series that features my bad attempts at creating fantasy art. This one is from Mythic Scribes member Noma Galway and it’s her character, well, Noma Galway! 🙂

I went with the shattered red glass as a background since she said that she’s sort of a broken character. Also, the blue lines around her fist are her water elemental abilities. I had fun with this one, since I tried something a little different. Check it!

Also, I’m thinking of doing more “general” pieces in the future. Just whatever fantasy stuff I think would be cool to make art about (dragons, undead creatures, golems, wizards hurling lightning bolts at each other, whatever).

Well, here’s Noma!