Philip Overby’s Bad Fantasy Art #3 (Lady Gurz, Forest Hag)

I’m doing one of my own characters for a change this time, from an as of yet unpublished work. She’s hideous, covered in spiders, and isn’t very polite. Yet she is a “Lady” all the same. A veteran of the War of Hags, she’s highly respected in the woods and in cities alike for her storytelling ability and propensity to scare children into doing their house chores and behaving else “Lady Gurz may visit you.”

Here is my fantastically horrible art.

Isn’t she lovely? She’s wearing a cloak of dirt, leaves, and sticks from the fashion designer…er…I don’t know. Anyway, she’ll be featured very soon in a story, so if you’re interested in this horribly drawn horrifying character, keep a look out!

Until next time! And remember, if you’re interested in me drawing a horrible picture of one of your characters, hit me up and I’d be happy to do so.