Grimdark Story Battle Royale 4: Tournament Rounds

Here are the breakdowns for the Grimdark Story Battle Royale 4. The stories will be posted here on Negative every week until the conclusion of the tournament. Therefore, this tournament will be significantly longer than previous Grimdark Story Battle Royales. Expect a final result before the end of 2019. If the tournament feels like it’s dragging, I’ll likely decrease the time for each round. As of now, there will be one round per week.

Round 1 (4 Stories) September 1st-September 8th:

Red Blue Grey vs. The Shrouded Grove vs. Bishop and Knight vs. Into the Fold (Winner)

Round 2 (3 Stories) September 8th-September 15th:

The Worm Sleeps (Winner) vs. To Kill the King vs. Thicker than Water

Round 3 (3 Stories) September 15th-September 22nd:

Gods Amongst Monsters vs. The Duellist (Winner) vs. Beyond the Shadowfall

Round 4 (3 Stories) September 22nd-September 29th:

The Blind Trial (Winner) vs. The Price of Snake Oil vs. As Shadows Fall

Round 5 (3 Stories) September 29th-October 6th

REPROGRAM vs. Empty Vessels (Winner) vs. One Night in Bangkok

Round 6 (4 Stories) October 6th-October 13th

The Collective vs. Rag the Grenadier (Winner) vs. Violence Claimed vs. One Good Turn

SEMI-FINALS October 13th-October 20th (tentative)

Semi 1 :Into the Fold vs. The Worm Sleeps vs. The Duellist

Semi 2: The Blind Trial vs. Empty Vessels vs. Rag the Grenadier


Semi-final 1 Winner vs. Semi-final 2 Winner