Negative HP Podcast Episode 13: The Village of Stabs and Scabs RPG with Nicholas Eames and RJ Barker

Episode 13 of the podcast brings us back to Jowl, the Village of Stabs and Scabs. This time we have Nicholas Eames and RJ Barker as our players, bringing to life the hideous, face-bitten dwarven ranger Grimwile and the antlered urban druid Ivor Limesment. Witness the glorious adventures of Grimwile and Ivor as they skate around on weasels, slap people, cast Badger spells, and more! 

Episode 21:Grimdark RPG Project-Choosing a System Negative HP

In Episode 21 of the Negative HP Podcast, I talk about how my experience as a teacher has shaped my design choices, why I'm choosing to craft a new system, and why I decided to not use an existing system. 
  1. Episode 21:Grimdark RPG Project-Choosing a System
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  3. Episode 19: Grimdark RPG Project-Character Creation
  4. Episode 18: Grimdark RPG Project-Worldbuilding
  5. Episode 17: Evan Winter

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