Idle Quests #1: The Village of Stabs and Scabs

Let’s see what everyone is up to in Jowl, or the Village of Stabs and Scabs!

Omnicron the Magnificent has been quite amiable as of late. He helped four wayward adventurers find their way to the Irksome Caverns although they were ultimately found chewed up and covered in black slime. Oh well. He helped!

Oddifer spent the weekend meditating and scribing scrolls, specifically new ones he finds quite fascinating, “Detect Neutrality” and “Brandenkanan’s Shitstorm.”

Minnie sat in a bar alone hissing at anyone who attempted to take her order. Eventually she threw a Magic Missile at a bard and broke a chair over a dwarf’s head.

Steph the Beautiful Rat Boy spent time with a weretiger in an old factory, matted fur against matted fur. He wandered the streets at night and thought about his existence.

Boxie helped a friend move into a new house, but she strained her back in the process. She took out her anger on a group of goblins…with a flamethrower.

Grimwile hung out with his animal buds drinking some acorn wine. He got drunk and fell asleep under a giant mushroom. Unfortunately, it was a myconid and the living fungus beat the shit out of his face.

Horace made a few potions for a hedge wizard, but they turned out to give him explosive diarrhea. Horace wouldn’t refund the purchase, so he spent the weekend dodging lightning bolts.

Rumor has it that the tiefling bard Jeramy “With An A” Hotblood is making his way to Jowl. What could he have in store? Tune in next time!