RPPG: Minnie-Peter McLean

Listen to the episode in which Minnie was created with Peter McLean and help her gain levels!

  • Every interview conducted gains 1 Level (hence starting at Level 2)
  • Every 100 downloads/listens of an episode gains 1 Level
  • Any shares or mentions of an episode that tag Negative HP (or Philip Overby) on social media gains 1 Level.
  • The next time Peter appears on the podcast, a small adventure will be planned for Minnie, so she needs power!

Or you can listen to the episode below.

Minnie the Elf Wizard has patterned herself after a cat due to her love of felines. Her fierce temper can sometimes have people refer to her as the Hellbeast Elf. She doesn’t give a shit about anyone in general especially other elves who she tends to hiss at if encountered in her immediate area.

Name: Minnie

Level: 2

Class: Wizard

Race: Elf

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Weapon: Razor Claw (1d4)

Skills: Persuasive Speech, Commune with Animals

Str 5

Dex 14

Con 14

Int 18

Wis 13

Cha 11

Facebook: @Philip Overby

Twitter:@Philip Overby

Instagram: @negativehp