RPPG: Oddifer-Gareth Hanrahan

Listen to the episode in which Oddifer was created with Gareth Hanrahan and help him gain Levels!

  • Every interview conducted gains 1 Level (hence starting at Level 2)
  • Every 100 downloads/listens of an episode gains 1 Level
  • Any shares or mentions of an episode that tag Negative HP (or Philip Overby) on social media gains 1 Level.
  • The next time Gareth appears on the podcast, a small adventure will be planned for Oddifer, so he needs power!

Or you can listen to the episode below.

Oddifer the Wizard is so neutral he has a line down his face to make sure he’s always in the middle. However, his wardrobe is a bit asymmetrical. Here are his current stats:

Name: Oddifer

Level: 5

Class: Wizard

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral

Weapon: Staff (1d6)/Mind (1d?)

Skills: Deception, Arcana

HP: 7

STR: 10

DEX: 7

CON: 12

INT: 14

WIS: 12

CHA: 16

Facebook: @Philip Overby

Twitter:@Philip Overby

Instagram: @negativehp