6 Most Depressing, Soul-Crushing Black Mirror Episodes

Written by Rotface McMurphy

6. Nosedive (Series 3)


This episode highlights one of the most horrifying aspects of society: public shunning. A ranking system akin to willy-nilly Amazon reviews (“4 stars because I don’t like plants” on a review of a dog book) puts people in constant fear of daily interactions affecting their points. A true cautionary tale especially since a system in China vaguely resembles this.

5. Arkangel (Series 4)


Surveillance, privacy, and helicopter parents are the themes of this one. What if your parents could watch everything you do by clicking an app? Ugh. As expected, this takes a wrong turn and ends up being one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the series.

4. Shut Up and Dance (Series 3)


I questioned putting this one on the list because the characters aren’t very likable, but the performances are brilliant I depicting the panic of rushing against time to avoid blackmail. Also don’t pirate movies. The end, which I won’t spoil, is what makes this a “holy crap” episode.

3. The Entire History of You (Series 1)


Want to rewind memories so you can get in fights with your significant other over dinner conversations from three years ago? You’re in luck! This episode is the worst nightmare of anyone who has ever been in a relationship. A must-see.

2. Crocodile (Series 4)


Another one I questioned putting on here, but I had to because it’s possibly the bleakest episode in the whole series. Involves a kind of “thought police” system and how no one can ever really be safe. The ending was a definite WTF moment.

1. White Christmas (Special, 2014)


To me, the masterpiece of the whole series. Deals with AI, “blocking” people, what’s real and what’s fake, all wrapped up in a framing device with a twist ending that made me go “Daaaamn.” Start with this special. You won’t be disappointed if you like to have your soul crushed.

For fans of Black Mirror, what episode would you rank the most soul-shattering? Leave a comment below or in the Negative HP Facebook group.


  1. Awesome reviews but I think White Bear paints an even bleaker picture of society. The idea that crowds would love public torture events. I also think 15,000,000 Merits deserves to be on that list.

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