RPG Explosion Sept. 2017: Pillars of Eternity, Day 2, I Can’t Bear It

Greetings, this is Grim Gozzoth talking to you from beyond the veil of death. Yes, I am dead. The deed was done by a cave bear.

Gozzoth 2
Selfie taken moments before my death.

After the last days exploration, I came upon a dark wood. Bodies were scattered upon the ground, so I naturally looted them. Humans with weak bladders and fragile bone structure. I decided to camp after my exhausting journey. My dreams were assaulted by bright colors, flashing and beyond the horizon. Was it the Goddess Murcraxi of the Shattered Chain beckoning me to the beyond? No, it was just hallucinations from the mushrooms I injested.

In my stupor, I wandered through the woods, making all manner of ruckus, yet I attracted no beast nor bandit. Curious. I stumbled upon a cave where I imagined I might find the root of all of these scattered human corpses about. I am always curious about scattered human corpses. I ventured into the cave to find a bear.

The bear did not move.

I did not move.

However, I thought, “I shall get an open shot from afar. This is my chance to fell the beast.”

I did not fell the beast.

My crossbow thrummed, but the bolt only caught the bear in the shoulder. It roared with an intensity unmatched, echoing its pain throughout the cavern. It charged me.

Now was the true test of my mettle.

I dropped the crossbow with a clatter and reached from my spear. My grasp was not true, slick with sweat. I jabbed at the advancing, furious bear, but only managed to poke it ever so gently.

It swatted me two times with its claw. The world slowed. Blackness crawled through my brain.

As I hit the cold cave floor, I could only think about my folly. How could I be so brazen at Level 2?

I am but a foolish goblin. Perhaps in another life I will find more wisdom. For now, I must go. The name “Baldur’s Gate” is resonating in my head. I shall find solace in the fact that this is great beyond. Where goblins are not mauled by bears.


Grim Gozzoth

(Next game will be Baldur’s Gate!)