RPG Explosion November: Darkest Dungeon


While other people are doing NaNoWriMo (which I encourage people to do), I’m going to be playing games and doodling around with some story ideas. Since I played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons games, many that are old as hell for the first time I attempted RPG Explosion, I decided to go with something newer.

I weighed doing a few games for my rebirth of RPG Explosion before settling on Darkest Dungeon. There are several reasons for this. One, it is brutally difficult and my characters will get killed left and right. Two, it technically never ends, I can just keep recruiting new characters to go die for me. Three, it’s shit hot awesome.

So usually what I do with RPG Explosion is I play a game until I:

a. get a total party wipe

b. beat the game

Thus far only (a) has happened. For a game like Darkest Dungeon, you get total party wipes for sure, but you also have the option to surrender. Therefore, for this game I’m going to change the rules a bit. I will only conclude this series of playthroughs if the following happens:

a. get a total party wipe

b. beat the game

c. have to surrender three times (three strikes I’m out)

Seeing that I probably won’t beat the game, it’ll be interesting to see how far I get before the dungeon kills me both body and soul.

And to put the grim cherry on top, we interviewed the guys from Red Hook Studios on The Grim Tidings Podcast earlier this year! They were awesome and it makes me just want to keep coming back to the game more and more since I know how much work they put into making it a unique gaming experience.

Grim Gozzoth returns from the dead (sort of)!

Grim Gozzoth