Hey, Help Me Choose Something to Write

Everyone has moments. Those moments when they don’t know what the hell to do next. After recently finishing the emotionally draining slough of One Goblin Army, I’m left to ponder my next move. I have several Splatter Elf ventures planned, some outlined novels in the wings, and shorts galore. Yet I’m finding myself pressed to decide which thing to write next. I guess that’s a good problem to have? With NaNoWriMo season coming up, I’d love to have a meaty project to work on during that most glorious of months, but I’m not up to doing the full-on NaNoWriMo experience which includes churning out a shitload of words and sleepless night. I’m not in the business of that this year, but I would like to “play along at home” so to speak.

So help me choose something to write. And I understand, “It’s really up to you.” But let’s imagine I’m elevator pitching you. You only have the brief concept. Which of these would you say “Oh, tell me more.”

  1. Deadbeat Dad Demon Hunter-A drifter finds out he has spawned half-demon children throughout the United States and sets out with a crew of tabletop gamers to hunt them down.
  2. Chef of Wyrms-A chef prepares gourmet meals for finicky dragons to prevent them from attacking local villages until dragon slayers show up en masse to finally eliminate the threats.
  3. Bard Moon-A group of bards lock themselves in a tavern unwittingly with a psychotic werewolf and have to fight to survive the night.
  4. Necrogopher-A gopher that can speak with dead becomes a beloved international celebrity until it’s discovered she has plans to create an undead army.

In addition to my Splatter Elf shorts (I’m not doing anything long in the Splatter Elf world for the rest of the year) I’d like to start one of these larger projects and see what happens. I’m hoping to start shopping novels to agents next year, so I sort of need a novel to do so.

So, help a writer out?

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