Some New Features to!

Hey folks! It’s been a month since I’ve posted anything after that the arduous journey that was the RPG Explosion. I’m here to say I have more cool shit to be featured on this site. Part of it is to scratch a creative itch now and again and the other part is that something will stick and people will get pumped about it. Isn’t that what all websites do?

After some morning brainstorming about things I can do with this website, I came up with a cornucopia of ideas. Some harebrained, some gold AF.

Let’s see what I have coming down the pike!

Monthly Features:

Monster of the Month: This will be me highlighting a monster every month from across the world’s mythology. I’m very interested in monsters of all types, have been since I was small. This is my chance to scour the interwebs and do some research about rad monsters from around the globe.

The Grim Gozzoth Show: Some of you may know Grim Gozzoth, the video game playing goblin that curses a lot. Well, I’ve thought about it and I plan to do some interviews (audio and video maybe) and other things that feature the Splatter Elf Youtube channel.

RPG Explosion: The huge challenge I did in August returns with less intensity. I will probably do more videos in the future, but for now this will be to highlight whatever RPG game I’m playing at the moment. Perhaps several! This feature will be mostly my thoughts about current games I’m playing and the many deaths I experience.

Weekly Features:

Current Obsessions: This will be a brief highlight of current things I’m enjoying at the moment, including games, movies, TV, books, etc. A chance to maybe discover some awesome shit of your own!

Splatter Flash: A feature I tried in the past but never worked due to me trying too hard, Splatter Flash will be a chance to read mini-adventures featuring Splatter Elf favorites like Katzia, Bathbrady, Grinner, and others in addition to meeting new characters that might be important in forthcoming Splatter Elf tales. The plan is to write one piece of flash a week and see how that goes! I’ll even make my own little Splatter Elf covers to go with them!

So this is some posts to keep an eye out for. If you’re interested in Splatter Elf or just whatever is going on, this is your place to do it.

Are there any other features that you think might work for me? Share in the comments!