RPG Explosion Day 1: Pool of Radiance Part 1


I’m not going to post these every day, but I wanted to share my first “Let’s Play” experience. I couldn’t figure out how to stream correctly as it seemed like there was a weird delay or something. I may need to fool with the settings more. In any case, I uploaded my first ventures into the slums on Pool of Radiance!

I managed to survive two battles without too much damage, but my NPC got whacked and is unconscious. I’ll have to see how this works out going forward. The slums are pretty nasty, especially with the random attacks that knock the piss out of me.

If you’re interested in following along, look out for the hashtag #RPGExplosion on Twitter and Facebook. And of course you can follow along here with my updates (if there are major ones) on PhilipOverby.com.

You can watch the first video here on Youtube: