RPG Explosion Day 1: Pool of Radiance Part 1


I’m not going to post these every day, but I wanted to share my first “Let’s Play” experience. I couldn’t figure out how to stream correctly as it seemed like there was a weird delay or something. I may need to fool with the settings more. In any case, I uploaded my first ventures into the slums on Pool of Radiance!

I managed to survive two battles without too much damage, but my NPC got whacked and is unconscious. I’ll have to see how this works out going forward. The slums are pretty nasty, especially with the random attacks that knock the piss out of me.

If you’re interested in following along, look out for the hashtag #RPGExplosion on Twitter and Facebook. And of course you can follow along here with my updates (if there are major ones) on PhilipOverby.com.

You can watch the first video here on Youtube:




  1. Are all of the episodes going to be that short? I don’t think you should explain your party because that was already in the first introduction page, people need to do the homework otherwise you’ll be ending up telling the whole thing over and over! I remember playing a lot of these kinds of games way back when a 386sx computer without a modem cost nearly a thousand dollars and ran on DOS and win 2.0. Great fun watching this. My son put up a partition on his harddrive so that he could play these old games, not sure where he got the drivers from though. His first D&D kind of game was called Eye of the Beholder and he really missed it. Big fun, let’s go for 20 minutes or half an hour! or maybe your party needs to sleep for a while before resuming play?

    1. Thanks! I planned to make them at least 20 minutes, but I cut it short today because it was the first one and I was just trying to ease into it and see how the recording ended up. Glad it was enjoyable! Of course Eye of the Beholder is on my list later, so I’m interested to see how that goes since I never played that one.

      I also wanted to cut character creation and all that so I just included a brief intro the party (for those that didn’t do their homework 🙂 ).

      Thanks for your interest. If I know at least one person is watching, I’ll keep making them!

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