Splatter Elf: Youtube Channel Coming Soon

Shit on it.

Yeah, I know. I threaten this once a year. “Oh, I’m going to have a Youtube channel with all sorts of crap on it.” Well, I have a good reason to do it now. Got a brand new fancy mic for doing podcasts with The Grim Tidings Podcast, so now I’m looking for ways to use it for multiple things. It could make a nice paper weight or something heavy that will probably pulverize my foot at some point when it falls of the desk. But instead of those dumb ideas, I have another dumb idea!

Splatter Elf: The Youtube Channel!

Uh, what?

Basically, it will be various things associated with Splatter Elf: musings, dramatic readings, horsing around, gross shit, screaming, brainstorming aloud, wearing shitty outfits, etc.

I will probably also do reviews of things closely tied to the Splatter Elf vibe: horror movies, video games, RPGs, art, fantasy coolness, and whatever other shit I can dream up.

I may even do a Youtube exclusive Splatter Elf story that will only be read there. Who the shit knows?

Some things to expect for sure:

  1. Readings-Probably me reading in goofy voices while wearing some kind of crap I got from Don Quixote (Google it. They’re all over Japan).
  2. Reviews-Things I think are cool. I’ll probably do reviews in some stupid way to distinguish myself from other folks.
  3. Exclusive Shit-Maybe read from dead stories or stories that have yet to be released. Hot damn!
  4. Punching Myself in the Face-I’ll probably do this.
  5. Crying

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page here for info!

And when things go live, I’ll let everyone know the channel.