Podcasting Adventures: The Grim Tidings Podcast

Stay grim, stay dark, stay true. Dun dun dun dun.

In addition to blogging, writing, reading, gaming, playing music, and a bunch of other shit I do, I am also now a podcaster! Together with Rob Matheny, we’ve gone down the darker path of fantasy with The Grim Tidings Podcast. So far, I’ve learned that:

1. I sound more Southern than I ever imagined.

2. There are a lot of cool people writing fantasy.

3. I like talking.

It’s fun to talk about things you like with other people that like those same things. And to do it publicly is even more fun. I tried out Youtube before and I couldn’t get past all the technical crap with my asshat webcam to get things working. Podcasting is much more fun to me anyway because you don’t have to look at my dumb face.

The best thing though is the ability to meet other writers and publishers. To hear their stories about where they’ve been and where they’re going. Reading about these things on social media or on blogs is cool also, but there’s a certain personal appeal that comes with talking directly to someone about their work.

Since we’re focusing mostly on dark fiction and grimdark, we explore some darker themes sometimes, but we also crack jokes and don’t take ourselves super serious all the time. All in all, I’m looking forward to continuing our journey and seeing what happens .There are already some exciting things percolating, things that teenage Phil might freak out about. And things adult Phil IS freaking out about.

Keep a look out!

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