777 Challenge

Been a while since I did a blog. NaNoWriMo does that usually. +Loni Townsend  tagged me (http://lonitownsend.com/) in the 777 Challenge. Find the seventh page of your WIP, then the seventh line, the post the next seven or so lines. So here you go. From my WIP The Bloody Unicorn, this features Grundle, a unicorn-loving witch hunter with OCD discussing dealing with the warlock Wormwheel with one of his employers Oshari, who has taken the form of a blue cube. Lots of context needed there:

“Barbatha? Of the all the shit-eating warlords he picked him,” Oshari said. “Damned bastard killed three of our hunters.”

“That’s why you sent me, I suppose,” Grundle said.

“We sent Dearborn, too.”

“You insult me.”

“Who knows? Maybe he’ll get the job done and you can come back early. We have recognized your worth of course.”

I’d like to tag some people, but in this case, I’ll say whoever is reading feel free to do the challenge as well. If you want to read more, please check this link and enjoy the weirdness! https://tablo.io/philip-overby/the-bloody-unicorn

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