How One Week With a Smartphone Destroyed My Reading Habits

Since I have trouble finding my way around places sometimes, I borrowed my wife’s smartphone for a week to get used to my new job in a different location. Having instant access to the internet helped me a lot since I could bring up maps or emails with directions on them easily. However, that’s not all I used it for. When I travel, I tend to read from my Kindle a lot. I’ve read whole books only on train commutes. This week I’ve read almost nothing.

I wonder what that says about me. I guess it says, checking the internet constantly overpowers my desire to read. Which makes me sad.

I know a lot of people read books on their smartphones or use them for other things, but I only used it for checking the internet. Facebook, Twitter, forums, email. It was a constant loop of these things. I even started posting from these sites, which for a new smartphone user can take up to 10 minutes to just post one thing.

So now I don’t have the smartphone anymore. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m glad I can go back to reading as normal, but it kind of sucks to not have it also.

I’m curious, does owning higher level technology destroy your reading habits? Or does it help them?