Philip Overby’s Overbearing Friday Fantasy Fiction Prompts 8/29/14: Witches, Warlocks, and Wimps…Oh My?


Philip Overby’s Overbearing Friday Fantasy Fiction (or POOF3) Prompts are now here! Rejoice! Throw confetti! Be generally happy and satisfied with your existence!

For those people that struggle getting their daily (or weekly) writing in, I will be providing three prompts (that’s right, THREE!) every Friday from here until eternity. I will be doing these entries every Friday here on the old blog, so check in and get your weekly dose of prompt punching directly to your noggin.

Feel free to share across the interwebs and get people writing!

Here are the first prompts.

A witch’s curse brings fortune.
A warlock must learn to blend into society. 
A wimpy soldier proves his mettle in combat without hurting anyone.

You can use these prompts individually, all together, or however you want. The idea is to get you writing, brainstorming, whatever.

Stay tuned every Friday for my next writing prompts. Look for the hashtags #POOF3 #writingprompts on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.