Fantasy News: August 2014 (Final Fantasy Cafe, Mad Max, and More)

I’ve decided to tackle some things that have been floating around the internet and share my (gasp) opinions on them. I’m not a very opinionated person in public most of the time because I think negativity and opinions tend to go hand and hand.However, I’m willing to take that risk because, well, screw it. Only have one chance in life to piss people off, right? Actually you have a lot of chances. Whatever.

1. Final Fantasy Cafe Revealed in Tokyo

On July 31st, a new Final Fantasy XIV themed restaurant is opening in Akihabara in Tokyo. For those that don’t know, Akihabara is the home of electronics, games, and well, maid cafes. When I told my wife about this, the first thing she said is, “Is it a maid cafe?” Well, I hope not. Chocobo maids would be kind of interesting though…

One thing I’m noticing is some people complaining that it’s not the more “popular” Final Fantasies like FF7. I still don’t really get this fascination with FF7. Yeah, it’s a good game, but the best in the series? I’m not sure. Is it worthy of getting a cafe? In this case, I think no.

This cafe is serving a dual function. It’s exposing more people to FFXIV, you know, a game that is actually relevant at the moment, and it can be a touristy place for people to eat Moogle head ice cream or whatever.

I’m not even sure what a FF7 themed cafe would look like. It would have junk laying all over the place. One perk would be an Aerith themed Bloody Mary. Is that a spoiler? Oh well.

2. New Mad Max Movie Actually Done by the Same Guy

It’s rare that a sequel is done by the person that originated the story (see: Prometheus, which hey, I thought was decent, so sue me), but this one is. It looks like a balls to the wall, non-stop action ‘splode fest. It has some epic music in the trailer, cannibal looking people, Charlize Theron with a dirty face, and a bunch of exhaust spewing cars. Sometimes action movies need to just be action movies and keep the dialogue to a minimum. How much are you really going to be talking if cars are chasing you and/or shooting bazookas at you? You’ll be saying, “Holy shit!” and not much else.

Trailer for epicness:

3. Bravely Default Reaches 1,000,000 in Sales, Square Enix Changing Strategy?

News which probably has many JRPG fans screaming with glee, Bravely Default, an old school Final Fantasy-esque 3DS game by Square Enix recently reached 1,000,000 sales. This is no doubt huge news for Square Enix, which has had trouble getting people on board with their most recent main title releases (I’m looking at you Final Fantasy XIII).

Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda even mentions that this news may cause a great shift in their approach to future titles. I can’t say for sure if this is good or bad news because I haven’t played Bravely Default. However, I know it was originally supposed to be a Final Fantasy title and is considered the spiritual successor to The Four Heroes of Light (which incidentally I’m playing now). Could this mean we’ll see Final Fantasy 16 be more JRPG influenced? Who knows. I wouldn’t be against it, but I’ve always admired Square Enix for trying new and innovative things. If this means failing every so often, fine. But I’ve heard enough fans clamoring for the “glory days” of Final Fantasy that a shift back to retro might not be such a bad idea.

I’d love to see a Final Fantasy main title budget on the Xbox One or PS4 with a strong JRPG, turn based style. That might be just too insane to work.

4. Phil Related News

I just reached six months of writing every single day in one form or another. That’s cause for celebration…I think? My novel is changing drastically towards the end since I decided I want it to be a standalone now (I’ll change my mind next week probably). In any case, I’m loving the writing life at the moment.

Also, I’ll be doing another Writing Prompt Blitz-o-Rama starting on August 3rd. If you’re interested in joining this two week writing beast mode experiment, let me know and I’ll hook you up with the details.

Until then, all fantasy, all the time!