Splatter-Elf is Real

Zebra Mech Warlock does not give one iota of a shit.

If there’s one thing I learned from the A to Z Challenge is to not give a shit. Not sure if that makes sense, but yeah, as far as writing goes, I should just not give a shit and write what I feel like writing. I noticed that a lot of other blogs I visited featured people just writing what they loved talking about. I’ve decided I’m going to do the same. If that doesn’t work, then I can always try writing in different styles until something clicks. Everyone has their “thing” as a writer. Some are good at social media, some are good at blogging, some are good at marketing, some are good at writing stories only. Some are good at everything. Not sure where I fall, but I’m finding that each writer has to find their own path. Even if one specific method “works” not everyone is cut out for that one way. Not everyone can build the perfect platform or maximize their followers.

So I’ll focus on what I’m good at for the moment: coming up with batshit crazy ideas.

Splatter-Elf for instance.

What started as a joke (see original post here) has made me actually very excited about where my writing can go in the future. I’ve always been interested in silly, over-the-top gore fests. I was interested in Troma films, crappy zombie pics, cheesy barbarian epics, super bleak horror like Lucio Fulci’s movies and the like. Splatter-Elf as a genre is my way of saying, “over-the-top is OK.” Not everything in fiction has to be subtle or realistic. Sometimes it can just be balls to wall insane. Or different anyway.

Yutan Wurlish may be a future Splatter-Elf hero. He’s like the fantasy version of an Inuit bounty hunter that uses ninja weapons and psychokinetics. And he rides on a giant ghost whale. Want to build a snowman or something?

Reading about C.D. Gallant-King’s Splatter-Elf RPG based on my concept made me think how fun and cool it could be to write in this made-up genre. It’s a way to give myself permission to let it all out and just have fun with my writing.

The main character of a future novel? Hmm…

I’d love to get other people on board with this. Just silly, dark, gory, funny, weird, insane fantasy fiction. I may be cooking up something soon. Very soon.