X: X-ray of My Head

My best Walter White pic. Looks thought-provoking or some shit.

Want to know my daily thought process? No? Oh well, sharing anyway.

6:00 am. Wake up. Blink. Hate life.

6:15 am. Finish doing quick search of the internet. Lament not being able to have time to comment or share things I want to. Vow to do it later.

6:30 am. Leave for work. Crammed on train. Hate life.

7:08ish am. On another train. Hating life a little less. Reading whatever book I have my nose crammed in.

9:00 am-5:30 pm. Do that thing that earns me money. Straggle home. Examine the bottom of my shoes. Look at my haggard face in a dirty bathroom mirror somewhere between “where the hell am I?” and “this looks familiar.” Need to shave. Mental note. Splash water on my face. Onward.

7:00 pm. Journey complete. Eat something most likely unhealthy or boring. One extreme or the other. Self-loathing.

8:00 pm. Bath. Think about stories, life, whatever.

8:30 pm. Writing time. The time I’ve been waiting for. Rejoice. Sing. Do a dance.

9:30 pm-10 pm Sleep. Don’t want to, but lids are heavy. Dreams are calling. Doze off imagining if my main character needs an obsidian sword or a big ass axe.

The end.