T: Too Much to Keep Up With (Balancing Writing and Other Stuff)

I work, come home, and write. That’s usually how my day goes. I find myself sadly in a position where I just don’t have time to interact on social media as much as I want to, to play video games, even to read (which I do on cramped train rides, not the most ideal way). I find one of my few enjoyments in life at the moment comes from my brief writing sessions at the end of the day. Most times they’re only 30 minutes or an hour, but I always love to sit down and get some writing done. Maybe some days I dread more than others, simply because I’m tired and I don’t know what I’m going to produce with my eyelids drooping. But I have to continue on.
However, I need to find a surefire way to be able to balance social media, writing, work, interaction with my wife and friends, reading, and games.
So in order to do so, I developed a method to balance all of these things without letting one of them suffer.
1. Handling Social Media
  • I have to choose a select number of people I can interact with, preferably people who regularly interact with me. Maybe that makes my social media world a lot smaller, but the point of social media is to be social. I can’t keep up with people who don’t talk to me anymore than I expect people I don’t talk to keep up with me. This means on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ I’ll probably be spending more time talking to people who like talking to me. Simple enough, right? And while I’d love to make new connections, I’m hoping I can do this organically and not artificially by just following craploads of people.
  • Google+ is mostly for interacting with writing folks, so I’ll keep that there. Twitter is the same, but I still have trouble with that. Facebook is more for people I know in real life, so it’s nice to have each kind of separated. It works for now, so I’d like to mostly keep it that way.
2. Handling Work
  • Go to work.
  • Come home.
  • Spend time on commutes (about two hours round trip) catching up on reading.
3. Handling Writing
  • Make a point every night to do writing. It can be for 30 minutes or more, as long as I’m doing it.
  • Keep up with multiple projects through a spreadsheet. I can see what my progress is on the different projects by updating it. Try to limit projects to one major one, one in the planning stages, and up to three short stories or smaller projects.
  • Continuing to use Writers’ Work on Mythic Scribes for “signing in/signing out” as a way of treating writing like a job. Which it is. A fun job, but a job nonetheless.
4. Handling Life
  • Try to spend as much time with my wife as possible, especially on weekends when we’re both off work.
  • Try to talk to friends and family online several times a week.
  • Try to play games that are more interactive so I can play with friends as well.
OK, so that’s my really detailed schedule to keep up with. I’m already on task with several of them, but some have to be sacrificed in order to get the most out of my limited amount of time now. I was spending loads of time on social media, so I’ll more than likely continue to spend about an hour a day on it, but trying to seek out people I’m interested in or like to interact. Simple enough!
How do you balance your life? Do you just go with the flow or do you break it down into schedules? Please share!