O: Open a New Book Day

OK, so I just made this up. Not sure if this is an actual day, but I’m sure something like this exists somewhere. The idea is to find a book you’ve never cracked open before and, well, crack it open. It can be a book you’ve been eying for a while or something collecting dust on your shelf.

Or if you’re more of a Kindle or e-reader person, download a sample of a book. Any book will do. Just discover a new world, new characters, and see how they grab you. You may be pleasantly surprised you took the plunge.

Me being someone that has problems completing books at times, I still highly recommend finding that one book that you just can’t put down. Sometimes it drives you crazy because you just want to sleep.

Recently I’ve read several samples I really dug and I hope to work through my To Be Read pile quicker so I can get to these specific books. Here are some of them:

This one I’ve heard about for some time but I picked up the sample as of late. Really good stuff. The kind of dark and gritty fiction I typically read, but done well so I’d like to see more of it.

Railsea is one of those books that’s so weird, but yet so familiar. The opening chapters hit me right int he face with awesomeness and this world is definitely one I’d like to explore more. The giant moles bursting out of the ground were freaking epic.

One of my favorite samples I’ve read recently, Kameron Hurley knows how to writing some kickass fiction. She’s one of the my favorite new writers I’ve discovered as of late and I definitely would love to read more of her work. And that cover. Man, that cover.

So those are some books I cracked open recently. One I plan to crack open today is:

Such an awesome cover and I’ve long been wanting to check out Gaiman’s work (and I’m bummed I haven’t until this point.) Plus, I think it might be a good change of pace from the mostly epic fantasy I’ve been reading as of late. So here’s my book I plan to open. Hope it’s a good one!

Please share a book you plan to open today. Or if you just have an awesome recommendation, give me a comment!