K: King Kappa (Bad Fantasy Art #7)

A kid version of me rides a bubble with King Kappa. He is the Bubble Master after all.

For people that don’t know, I like art. I also like things that are bad, silly, or weird. So I made this picture of King Kappa riding a bubble with a kid version of me having a grand old time. I think back to my childhood when I had a pretty wild imagination (guess it never went away). That was a time of wonder and weirdness that can never be replicated. I had many adventures in woods near my house and even on my couch with my G.I. Joes or He-Man figures. It was fun being a boy for me. I sometimes wonder if things are different for kids nowadays. I guess they still like to go on adventures and do silly stuff, but I don’t really know.


Enjoy the silly picture! 😀

P.S. Most people don’t know this, but kappa are Japanese yokai (monsters) that lived in rivers and would eat people’s intestines. Good times!

And with that, I’m done for the day!

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