Fantasy Writing: Want to Write? Try Word Wars

This will be a short blog post, but I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for engaging in word wars over the past several days. I understand this is a part of NaNoWriMo for some, but I really think this might become a way of life for me going forward. I’ve found incredible resurgence in my ability to just write with wild abandon and I find that a lot of what I’m creating is actually pretty insane (in a good way.)

For example, I wrote a scene last night where a big demon actually has a smaller, thinner demon inside of him and he spits out imps as well. It was like a demon version of those Russian nesting dolls. As my heroine battled the demon(s), blood was spilled and she basically went into a berserker rage. It was totally insane, but wildly fun at the same time. Sure, it probably needs a heavy edit, but I’m loving the sentiment that exists there.

These, but with demons inside them. Yay!

This all happened because of my participation in word wars.

I’ve found that if given 15 minutes, I can get an average of between 600-800 words. I didn’t really think that was possible, but I’ve done it several times now. In the past, 600 words was a good days work for me. Here recently, getting 4,000 words in a day is not unheard of if I’m challenging someone to a word war.

One thing I’d suggest for anyone who struggles with writing, just take out a couple of 15 minutes blocks a day, find a friend, and challenge them. You mind find this cracks open a creative shell that you didn’t think could ever happen.

Some points about word wars:

1. They’re fun.
2. The writing may suck on occasion, but it may be awesome as well. Keep the awesome stuff.
3. You can write and interact with your friends at the same time.
4. You feel obliged to do your best because you’re being challenged by someone else.
5. It’s a great natural high when you actually win.
6. Even if you lose, those are more words than you didn’t have minutes before.

I highly recommend word wars for those who get stuck. And if you want to challenge me, I’m up for it. Be warned. I’m a beast.