NaNoWriMo Accountability Journal Week 2 (Updated 11/14/13)

So Week 1 is over. I always find Week 1 is how I wish I wrote on a regular basis. Everything flowing out of me without any stoppers. Just go, go, go. Week 2 is tricky. This is usually when I slow down a bit and start thinking, “Ugh, this sucks.” However, for this particular novel, because I’m focusing on each scene as an independent working part, I’m finding things are so much better. I’m letting each scene work on its own and then connect it to the next scene. It seems like a stupid, simple approach, but it works for me.

Week 2 is upon me/us!

Day 8: Got up to 19,224 words. I don’t even really recall this day that much, but I definitely wrote! I’m finding my problem at the moment is that I can only seem to write between 12 am-3 am. This is a habit I really hate. I’m hoping to break it today. I wrote a good deal last night, so I’m hoping to carry this momentum on into Day 9 as I punch through the 20,000 word barrier.

 Day 9: Broke into 21,000 words. In the middle of a scene so I always prefer to leave off that way so I can jump back into the scene without thinking, “What should I do next?” Things are moving along pretty well so far. I’m hoping (HOPING!) to break 25,000 by the end of this weekend. Can I do it?

 *Full disclosure, I’m teaching online from home at the moment and doing private lessons on the side, so it’s not like I’m working full time or anything. I just don’t want people to think I’m getting this word count and still engaging in a pretty busy life, because I’m not at the moment. However, I’ve done almost this same pace in previous years. It’s all because of having an outline and doing some decent pre-writing before I sit down. Also not finishing scenes helps me a lot, too. If I stop in the middle of a scene, I can jump right back into it in my next writing session. For instance, last night I stopped in the middle of a potential tense situation where one character is forcing another character to make her a drink. Things haven’t popped off completely yet, but it allows me to get back into the scene without having to think, “OK, what to do next.”

Day 10: I’m staying on my pattern of writing from about 12 am to 3 am. I’m working at night at the moment, so that’s sort of my thing. I figure if “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Got 25,017 words after writing pretty much all through the night off and on. Aiming for a regular night tonight. Maybe 2,000? We’ll see. I put the obligatory tavern scene in my story. I’m liking it so far as I don’t think it’s too typical.

Anyway, good luck everyone!

Day 11: Another late night session generated over 2,000 words for 27,394 words. I’m hoping for a good midnight stab at it to crack into 30,000 words. Maybe I can do it? Not sure. I have some lessons in the afternoon tomorrow so I can’t stay up as late as I have been. Here’s hoping it’ll turn out pretty good!

 Day 12: Passed another milestone, hitting over 30,000 with 30,095 words. I may be going for a bare minimum next with 1,667, but we’ll see how that pans out. I’ve been trying to stay ahead due to going on a short trip this weekend, so as long as I can hit good numbers, I should be safe. Keep going!

Day 13: Thanks to word wars with Chilari and senseiseth (which I lost handily, by the way ) I cranked out a sizable amount of words last night taking my word count to 32,900 words. It’s midnight here, so Day 14 has officially begun. I’m going to give it a go tonight, but I’m pretty tired due to a wonky sleep schedule. Let’s see what I can do. Good luck everyone!

 Day 14: My first “split shift” happened today. Instead of doing all my word count really early in the morning (1am to 3 am, like I’d been doing) I wrote some at around 2 am and did the rest later on. I just made my normal 2,000, which makes me happy. I was fully expecting a sub-par day, but it turned out not too bad. I had one character do something stupidly awesome, so it sort of screwed up the path they were going on. I always like when that happens. Now I need to figure out what to do since it veers off my outline a bit, but I think it needed to happen because everything was kind of coming together too easily.

Total word count now is 34,906 words.

P.S. Just wrote another 184 making it over 35,000!