Fantasy Reading: Authors Who I Wish Existed

OK, this is going to be a weird post. Perhaps even experimental. But there are times where I think to myself, “I wish someone in the genre was writing like this.” I’m sure they’re out there, and maybe that’s one reason I’m writing this post is to get feedback from people who can say, “That’s totally like _______.” Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but if there were authors writing this kind of fantasy, I’d most likely be very intrigued. This is reflective of my own tastes and maybe even my own hopes as an author.

1. Warhammer+Comedy+Horror Writer

Mohawked berserker dwarf vs. crazed orc warrior. Sounds like a show I want to see.

I love good blends of horror, comedy,and fantasy. Movies like Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Dead Alive (notice the “Dead” pattern) and other more obscure weirdness from TV shows like Metalacolypse and Superjail! are very appealing to me. If there was a fantasy writer that was taken the over-the-top total metalness of Warhammer and blended it with slapstick and splatter, this would be a kind of writer I’d be willing to check out. I like insanity and wildness to my fiction and I’ve had a hard time finding anyone that really fits into this.

 The closest I’ve gotten is Korgoth the Barbarian (a failed pilot for Adult Swim which was very crazy, metal, and over-the-top awesomeness).

Here’s some craziness from Metalacolypse: WARNING, may be graphic or NSFW.

2. Fantasy That Focuses on Something Not Epic Writer

 Let me wash off all that giant beetle gore off your hooves there, Buttermilk.

I love epics, I really do. Some of my favorites are A Song of Ice and Fire, the Dragonlance books by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and the Cleric Quintet by R.A Salvatore (old school picks.) But sometimes I’d just love to read a fantasy book about a stable boy whose town has been attacked over and over again by giant beetles or goat monsters or something and he has to go on living his life as a stable boy. He doesn’t become a swordsman or a wizard or anything like that. He just remains a stable boy and still becomes a hero through his knowledge of horses. Perhaps he trains the horses to fight off the monsters because the village has no weapons. He does what he can, even though he’s not skilled in any typical fantasy skill, he is the hero of his contained world. That would be awesome for me. I want to see the normal folks in life becoming heroes like a seamstress, a potter, or a riverboat captain by just being themselves and not necessarily by learning how to use a magic sword or ride a dragon.

I’m all for some of that.

3.  The Writer Who Explores Cultures Most of the World Doesn’t Know About

Ever hear of Kiribati? Me either until I looked it up. I wonder if they have fantasy fiction?

I’ve read a lot of medieval style fantasy. Some of my favorite books are in this style. However, I’d love to read things from different cultures and if possible, by writers from different cultures. I think each culture has different ways that they tell stories, so it would be interesting for me to see writers who are doing things not typical of the fantasy genre. I want to see a stories about  aswang terrorizing the countryside of the Philippines, the trickster fairy Curupira of Brazil, or the witch hunters of Africa. I’d like to see more fantasy fiction in Middle Eastern settings or ones based in Slavic cultures. These kind of writers would be of great interest to me. I see some doing these kind of things like Saladin Ahmed or Paolo Bacigalupi, but I want to see a greater influx. I want to see more writers dare to try different settings and really stretch the genre the best they can.

So these are just three kinds of writers I’d love to see more of in fantasy. If you know of anyone that matches these descriptions, let me know. Hell, if YOU match these descriptions, let me know. I WILL BUY YOUR BOOK! (I had to put that in all caps so you know I’m serious.)

Until next time, keep reading fantasy and remember, all fantasy, all the time!

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