Fantasy Writing Prompt Day 7: The Gun Prompt

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Day 7 features a prompt that might be interesting for those who like a little modern flair to their fantasy.

Day 7-Gun Prompt-Write a story in which a character sees a gun for the first time. The gun must go off before the story is finished.

It features the old rule, if you introduce a gun, it needs to go off at some point (that’s not the exact quote, but something along those lines)

Here is my brief attempt below:

A Colorful Show
by Philip Overby

 The piss woke me up. The sound kept me awake.

“What the hell is that?”

Mundy scratched his head, wiping sleep from his eyes. “Is that real? Thought I was being seduced by banshees in my sleep. Sure were ugly–“

“Yes it’s real,” I said. “Where are the others?”

Mundy shrugged. “They were in their tents when we went to bed.”

Another screeching explosion went off. Sparks of green, blue, and red lit up the sky in a brilliant array of patterns. I’d never seen such beauty. Was this kind of foul warlock’s magic? We’d been hunting Kazu for two solid weeks. Just when we thought he disappeared into the Karadi Desert, here he was waking us up with this gorgeous, awful racket.

“Damn.” I slapped my face to wake myself up. “Garlan had all the weapons. Are they in his tent?”

Mundy peeked in. “Nope.”

“Damn again.”

“What should we do? Run?”

“We’re warlock hunters, Mundy. We don’t run.” At the moment I couldn’t think of any better option, so I slipped an elven cigarette out of my vest pocket and lit it with my Gogas lighter. A “gift” from Leon, a warlock whose bones broke with even the slightest twist. One of my easiest paydays yet. I suspect with all these crazy magic, Kazu wouldn’t be going down as easily. The Katakan warlock was known to be elusive and dangerous. He’d already torched Yamara, Midori, and Basturo.

“You’re a warlock hunter, Zhang,” Mundy said, leaning up against his tent. He unscrewed the cap on his flask and took a long pull of what smelled like vodka. “You go, I’ll watch the tents.”

I blew the smoke out, eyeballing my less than willing friend. “You’re coming even if I have to pull you along.”

“Just let me wake up a little bit–“

I tossed the cigarette. “Let’s go. Enough sitting around.”

Mundy grumbled as we went over a shadowy dune. More colorful sparks, filled the air. Mundy shook his shaggy head and pulled on his beard. The bright lights and loud noises scared him. Just like a kid.

“You going to make it?” I asked.

“I’m telling you. Let me go back. What if sand worms attack our tent or something? We’ll lose all our food and supplies.”

“We have to find the others,” I said. “If I know Garlan, he would have went after Kazu the first sign of an kind of weirdness. And this is definitely weird.”

“Never seen this kind of magic,” Mundy said. “I don’t like it.”

“Well, who likes magic except warlocks?” I shook my head. “Nasty business, the whole thing.”

Weaponless, half-asleep, and groggy we came up over the dune, crouching down in the sand.

There we saw him. Kazu, his dark robes fluttering as he lit something on fire and it went flying into the air, exploding right above our heads. Mundy looked up, saw his head was smoking, and rolled down the dune screaming and flailing.

“Kazu!” I called out. “You’re surrounded. It’s over. Come with me and I’ll make sure your execution is painless.”

Kazu held something up, pointed it at me, and a loud explosion seemed to erupt from it. Was it a magic horn? Some kind of musical instrument? I couldn’t figure it out.

I looked down to see blood trickling from my chest. “Oh. What is that?”

Kazu smirked and spun around, continuing to send the colorful explosions up into the air. I tried to dab away the blood, but it just kept coming. Whatever spell he hit me with, it hurt. I dug into the wound. From the light of explosions I could see what appeared to be a small ball. I dropped it into the sand.


“It’s a gun,” Kazu yelled over the sound of the popping colors. “The only thing that supersedes magic, my friend.”

Gun? As I stumbled back and fell on my butt, I just continued to watch the show. The bright colors, the bright lights, the splendor of it all.

So pretty. So pretty.